Mentors in Austria

  • Sirma, Female, Age between 30-39

    Profession: Judge
    Positive characteristics: self-confidence, determination
  • Yildiz, Female, Age between 30-39

    Profession: Sociotherapist
    Positive characteristics: social competences, empathy, determination, flexibility, team player, communication skills
  • Murat, Male, +50

    Profession: Legal Consultant
    Positive characteristics: determination, accuracy
  • Marta, Female, Age between 30-39

    Profession: Youth / Child Care Worker
    Positive characteristics: communication skills, experiences and very good skills in working with children and young people
  • Rania, Female, Age between 40-49

    Profession: University Assistant (chemistry)
    Positive characteristics: determination, patience, cooperativeness, open-mindedness
  • Serpil, Female, Age between 20-29

    Profession: Family support, Counselling
    Positive characteristics: patience, empathy, perseverance
  • Mesut, Male, Age between 30-39

    Profession: Insurance Broker, Politician, Art Consulter
    Positive characteristics: creativity, economic intuition, communication skills, freethinker, calm and quiet manner

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