Mentors in Spain

  • Brenda Castrillo, Female, Age 42

    Positive characteristics:Intercultural experience, academic knowledge, strong sense of solidarity and social skills.
  • Paciencia Okon Pocó, Female, Age 38

    Profession: Educator
    Positive characteristics:Experience in net working, community development experience, empathy with young people.
  • Hilaria Vianeke, Female, Age 36

    Profession: Intercultural mediator
    Positive characteristics: Negotiation skills, experience in work with youth, motivated.
  • Romina Sostengo, Female, Age 40

    Profession: Social worker
    Positive characteristics: Great people skills, hardworking, knowledge of the social resources and labour market.
  • Reyna Mitogo, Female, Age 36

    Profession: Educator/social worker
    Positive characteristics:Good and motivated educator, intercultural experience and competences, friendly.
  • Mourad Rakkali, Male, Age 40

    Profession: Chef
    Positive characteristics:Hardworking, capacity of management and organizing abilities, very creative.
  • Ridouane Chakouch, Male, Age 28

    Profession: Plumber
    Positive characteristics: People skills, large labour initiatives, motivated and hardworking.
  • Noura Kemeni, Female, Age 29

    Profession: Youth Worker/Educator
    Positive characteristics: Experience working with young people, communication skills, motivated
  • Mohamed Oukarchane, Male, Age 33

    Profession: Worker in the field of construction
    Positive characteristics: with initiative and desire to thrive in the host country, reliable, enthusiastic.
  • Youssef Dahnich, Male, Age 45

    Profession: Worker in the field of construction
    Positive characteristics: Good knowledge of social networking, ideas and desire to help others, friendly

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