Mentors in Ireland

  • Cathleen Mc Donagh Clarke

    Profession: Education/Management
    Positive characteristics: Hardworking, ambitious, career focused, friendly
  • William Mc Donagh

    Profession: Youth Work/Management
    Positive characteristics: Determined, skilled in youth work and advocacy, excellent negotiation skills
  • Jimmy Maughan

    Profession: Youth Work
    Positive characteristics: People skills, good sense of humour, event management
  • Patrick Stokes

    Profession: Youth Work
    Positive characteristics: Intercultural experience, great people skills, motivated
  • Jules Mc Donagh

    Profession: Family Support
    Positive characteristics: Compassionate, understanding, social policy expertise, intercultural experience
  • John Paul Collins

    Profession: Youth Work
    Positive characteristics: Event management, excellent skills working with young people
  • Michael James Collins

    Profession: Social Studies
    Positive characteristics: Academic knowledge, people skills, creative
  • Winnie Mc Donnell

    Profession: Trainer/Community Development
    Positive characteristics: Excellent people skills, community development experience, intercultural experience, bilingual, advocacy
  • Julie Mc Donagh

    Profession: Education/Community Development
    Positive characteristics:Experience working with young people, bilingual, intercultural education expertise
  • Maggie Wall

    Profession: Education Co-ordinator
    Positive characteristics:Skilled speaker and advocate, focused, and motivated

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