Successful 2nd Partner Meeting in Bilbao, Spain

 The project partners from Ireland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Austria of TANDEM NOW, a project co-financed by the EU, met in Bilbao, in the Spanish Basque Country, for their second international of conference. The kick-off meeting the project, which is managed and coordinated by Volkshochschule Tirol and Verein Multikulturell (both with headquarters in Innsbruck), took place in Innsbruck in February 2013.

TANDEM NOW is a project within the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Union which relates to vocational education and training. The project proposes a new approach of assisting young people with migrant background and/or from ethnic minorities and is based on the EU project TANDEM of 2007 which, for the first time, introduced the concept of matching up “role models” from the same cultural background with advice-seeking youngsters.

The experience, concepts and products yielded in that process will be supplemented by best-practice-examples and adapted to the regional contexts of the partner countries and to the special needs of young people with migrant background. The concept includes Blended Mentoring, i. e. the use of new media, such as e-mail, skype or facebook in order to overcome the limits of mobility owed to large distances or lack of transport. The mentor/mentee couples can decide whether they meet face-to-face or online.

Likewise, the TANDEM NOW project partners take advantage of the internet as a means of communication and meet via skype on a regular basis. Since the start of the project about one year ago the partners have elaborated needs analyses on the labour market situation and on attractive career fields in their respective countries, they have set up a mentor’s profile and compiled a comprehensive curriculum for the training of future mentors, including a Blended Mentoring toolbox.

In the second half of the project’s duration potential mentors (persons with migrant background and/or from ethnic minorities who have been successful in their professional education and careers) will be identified, recruited and trained along the curricula that have been developed on the basis of state-of-the-art didactics and paedagogics. Mentors and mentees will be matched appropriately (same cultural background, same job field) by way of the newly set up project website, where, additionally, all information on the project, the work progress and the partner institutions involved is published:

The next project milestone will be the piloting phase applying the Blended Mentoring concept in all partner countries in the spring of 2014. The successful implementation of TANDEM NOW project objectives and the inclusion of the new mentoring approach in education and career counselling enhances integration efforts and the goal of equal opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

Kerstin Nemec-Seipenbusch/VHS Tirol

2nd Partner Meeting
Bilbao, Spain

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