TANDEM NOW - Mentoring of Migrant Youth through Role Models
A European project likely to meet sustainability requirements

 The 3rd and last transnational meeting of the partner institutions from Austria (VHS Tirol is the contractor, Verein Multikulturell the coordinator), Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Turkey took place in Palermo, Sicily, from 22nd to 24th of September, 2014. During the three intensive work days the last upcoming milestones of the project were discussed and preparative work for the Final Report was done.

The host of the meeting, CESIE - Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo, made the stay in Palermo most pleasant for all participants due to their warm-hearted hospitality and perfect organisation of all things practical.

In the second half of the project duration, in each partner country, potential mentors (migrants or representatives of ethnic minorities who are successful in their respective careers) were identified, recruited and prepared for their task in customised trainings based on state-of-the-art didactical and pedagogical knowledge. The matching process of mentor-mentee couples (same cultural background, same field of occupation) was effected partly by way of the mentors’ profils on the project website, partly in personal meetings.

Subsequently, the piloting phase was started in all partner countries applying the Blended-Mentoring concept. The results and experiences have been collected in order to optimise the processes and the contents of the method. Eventually, the project will yield a substantial Blended-Mentoring-Package offering a curriculum and a large variety of tools and recommendations to potential future users.

The project’s objectives and the inclusion of the new TANDEM NOW Blended-Mentoring approach in educational and vocational counselling correspond well with the Austrian idea of integration and could contribute quite clearly to the goal of equal opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

Kerstin Nemec-Seipenbusch/VHS Tirol

Partner Meeting
Palermo, Italy

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