TANDEM NOW Conclusion Event in Innsbruck, Austria

 The upcoming end of the TANDEM NOW project was taken as an occasion for a get-together among the Austrian project partners Verein Multikulturell and VHS Tirol and mentors and mentees from the piloting phase. However, before the sandwich buffet was conquered and the giant TANDEM NOW chocolate cake tackled, the abundant mentoring activities were discussed, and experiences and intentions to take part in future mentoring programmes brought forward. The mentors had been enriched by enhancing their personal qualifications, the mentees had increased their self-esteem and gathered important knowledge and information about their aspired education and job options. Both benefitted from the Blended-Mentoring method by increasing their skills on the computer and dealing with social media as well as on a personal level sharing their time during the mentoring sessions – be it face-to-face or online.

Conclusion Event
Innsbruck, Austria

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