TANDEM NOW Farewell Party on 20.10.2014 in Aalen: targeted entry into professional apprenticeships through mentoring, Germany

 Young people are faced with numerous challenges during their first steps towards pursuing a professional career. The choice of professions is frequently limited due to a lack of role models, a reduced horizon of experience and uncertainty about which talents they have to contribute to the job market. This decision-making phase is particularly challenging for young people who would like to complete their apprenticeships far away from home.

Seven young people, who successfully entered into apprenticeships via training placements, have accomplished the journey to finding a suitable apprenticeship. They are justifiably proud of their courage, their new professional skills and their stamina. Without these qualities they would not have made it this far. Furthermore, the support provided by the TANDEM NOW mentors was also helpful: they accompanied them during the 4-month period and provided support by means of blended mentoring (personal support and through social media).

The apprentices’ success was duly celebrated at a farewell party on 20.10.2014 in Aalen and the mentors were thanked for their unfailing commitment. Everyone involved agreed that this support as well as the mentoring approach was a great help and that the approach of blended mentoring undoubtedly corresponds to the demands of a future-oriented, professional support system.

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