Goiztiri working on the program Tanden Now!

About to start the piloting phase of the project

 The Goiztiri Association has been in the program TANDEM NOW just over a year. This European Commission funded program works through the partnership of seven organizations from six different countries, really innovative aspects of mentoring. TANDEM NOW is based on vocational training and accompaniment through ICTs. The program is aimed at young people as Abdelwahed (pictured), who will be able to count on the support of an individual mentor who will accompany him for a while in their training and vocational discernment.

The people assigned to the program as mentors are people of migrant origin, who have made a successful career in Basque Country (in Barakaldo area). Among them are women and men who have managed to strengthen their businesses or their jobs; people working in areas as diverse as restaurants and food business, trade or social action programs.

During the months of May to September are going to perform the piloting phase of the program. During this phase the different mentors (8 to 12 people) frequently contacted with sheltered young people (mentees), through the various tools offered by new technologies: facebook, skype, twitter, email, etc. Face to face meetings will also occur between both parties. This is what has been called "Bended Mentoring".

This project aims to ultimately develop a useful tool for mentoring focused on training and employment that can be easily replicated by others social organizations.

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