Tandem Now

 The beautiful city of Bilbao in Spain was the location of the second partner meeting for TANDEM NOW this month. Exchange House is working with organisations from across Europe including Austria, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Germany on this innovative project which will support career driven members of the Traveller community in Ireland. The project aims to set up a blended mentoring programme for young Travellers with those in their chosen career area from the community. They will have the opportunity to learn more about the profession and all it entails. Plan their career path in terms of education, work experience, and the necessary skills involved and have inside information and support from an experienced professionals. The programme will provide the mentors with training, guidance, and support from the project partners in their respective countries. Mentors and mentees will meet both in person and online through the selected online tools. In Ireland online tools include email and Skype. Exchange House will meet with young people from the Traveller community and provide them with training for using the two online tools; Skype and Gmail. They will support them throughout the programme and try to improve any aspects of the mentoring which will enable the participants to have a more valuable and educational experience.

Emma Parsons a youth worker in Exchange House flew to Spain this month and met up with the representatives from the other organisations. Partners worked on a number of key matters including the curriculum, project outcomes, the budget, project evaluation, dissemination, needs analysis, and online tools for the mentoring meetings online. The meeting was a huge success with each partner having the opportunity to ask questions and clarify specific details of different work packages for the programme. Emma said she really enjoyed the meeting and it was a great opportunity to learn more about the progression of the project and to see TANDEM NOW colleagues again.

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