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  • Volkshochschule Tirol

    Volkshochschule Tirol, AUSTRIA

    Volkshochschule Tirol, founded as a non-profit association in 1945, is an institution dedicated to adult education in general as well as specialised fields of knowledge. It is politically independent and committed to the principles of democracy and human rights. A respectful and co-operative attitude within its own social network is considered as important as outward tolerance, open-mindedness, transparency in handling customer matters and equal treatment of all people, regardless of social status, gender or ethnic origin.

    Volkshochschule Tirol advertises „knowledge for everybody“ and offers wide-range, high-quality education programmes at a fair cost to participants from all age groups with different social and professional backgrounds. In addition, Volkshochschule Tirol takes great efforts in developing programmes for new target groups. Competent and friendly customer service as well as personal assistance in specific matters are the institution’s strong points.

    Volkshochschule Tirol offers courses, seminars, customised company training, lectures, slide shows and guided tours and travels in the following fields: society and culture, basic education and tutoring, nature – technology – environment, information technology and commercial subjects, languages, art and creativity, health and sports.

    Volkshochschule Tirol has its headquarters in Innsbruck and 30 branch offices spread over the whole province of Tyrol. Intensive networking on regional, national and international levels and the participation in international projects empowers Volkshochschule Tirol to keep up with new developments, to perceive societal changes and trends and to design its activities accordingly.

    Marktgraben 10, 6020 Innsbruck - AUSTRIA

Project coordinator

  • Verein Multikulturell

    Verein Multikulturell, AUSTRIA

    is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1993. We aim to enhance the intercultural dialogue and education. Our main objectives are to promote professional, social and cultural integration of migrants.

    Our association promotes the social and professional skills of migrants in collaboration with the Government and other State institutions like the Chamber of Commerce, job centers, schools as well as social organizations and societies.

    We are engaged in a number of activities and offer a variety of services, these include:
    • multilingual education and career guidance for young migrants and their parents
    • job application training and interview coaching
    • multilingual family counselling and psychotherapy
    • Language and computer classes for adults and youngsters
    • intercultural/diversity seminars and training courses for multipliers
    • media workstation (radio, film, photography & creative writing workshops)
    • international EU projects with several themes like VET, multilingual preschool education, adult learning, multimedia specifically making films and radio shows for migrants
    • organisation of cultural events.

    For several years we have been involved in a variety of projects. We have tremendous experience in designing and leading national and international projects or taking up the active role of a transnational project partner.

    Bruneckerstraße 2d / 3. Stock, 6020 Innsbruck - AUSTRIA

Project partners

  • Exchange House

    Exchange House, IRELAND

    Exchange House National Travellers Service, Ireland, was established in 1980. It is an organisation of Travellers and Settled people working together to provide Family Support Services (social work, family support and addiction services), Youth Service and Education Services to the Traveller community in the Greater Dublin area and nationally through training and support services.

    Exchange House has a distinctive multi-disciplinary approach which facilitates clients having all aspects of their individual situation and problems addressed under the one roof, from crisis intervention all the way through to long term educational needs. We operate using a partnership and collaborative approach and share our expertise and good practice policies with all relevant agencies Exchange House is made up of three department namely:

    1. The Family Support Service is made up of a team of social workers, family support workers and drug outreach workers. The aim of the family support service is to provide a range of services which include family support, social work, domestic violence and drug outreach to members of the Traveller community.

    2. The Education Service provides high quality education programmes, providing opportunities for learning and progression. The service provides opportunities for youth and adults in basic literacy, further education/training and support to accessing third level education, training and employment. Exchange House does considerable preventive work, in particular through adult education and community employment programmes.

    3. The Youth Service is the main provider of youth work to the Traveller Community in the Greater Dublin area. Exchange House enables Travellers of three generations to participate in activities thus enhancing their personal, educational and community development skills, enabling them to take greater control of their lives. In Alpha-to-Omega (Grundtvig, 2008-2009) Exchange House developed together with IEIE ten modules for older learners and a common learning between generations.

    61 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 - IRELAND

  • Mozaik

    Mozaik Human Resources Development, TURKEY

    Mozaik has been founded in 2010 in Samsun city of Black Sea Region as a non-profit organization in order to develop intercultural relations. The main objective is to promote professional and social integration of women, young people and adults. In this context, it aims to provide various activities for disadvantaged groups is seen as needed in Samsun, training and career counseling, European voluntary service, cultural activities, guidance services for young people, media Workstation (Radio, Film, Photography and new media resources for education). Under the frame of the association, it has 3 employees, 2 trainees and volunteers from university students.

    Selahiye Mahallesi, 100. Yıl Bulvarı, 46/2, 55100 İlkadım, Samsun - TURKEY



    is a non-governmental European, no-profit, secular and independent organization established in 2001 by the inspiration of the social, culture and politics work of Danilo Dolci.

    The Association is committed to the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development, thorough the use of innovative and active tools and methods, at local level as well as international level.

    • Promote intercultural dialogue
    • Support social inclusion and equal opportunities
    • Facilitate lifelong education and vocational training
    • Foster responsible and supportive global development
    • Develop and support networking at local and international levels
    • Encourage international cooperation

    Via Roma 94, 90133 Palermo, ITALY

  • BBQ

    BBQ - Berufliche Bildung gGmbH, GERMANY

    BBQ (Beruf Bildung Qualifikation – Career, Training, Qualification) is a non-profit training association which has a strong de-centrally organized network all over Baden-Württemberg with over 450 employees in 50 subsidiaries.

    The integration of young people and job seekers into training or employment in the first labor market are the focuses of its business segments. BBQ supports school pupils and maintains networks between pupils and the economy. It gives young people specific help in the start of their professional careers through placements, courses and the acquisition of work places. Professional training, qualification and retraining allow jobseekers and employees to realign their career or re-enter professional life. For companies of all sectors in Baden- Württemberg, BBQ offers individual personnel solutions from one source.

    In recent years BBQ has expanded this profile with pilot projects in infant education, specific occupational orientation and projects relating to demographics.

    The operational integration of people with a migration background, the professional further education of employees to a specialist level and the professional training in a European context round off its portfolio. The development and training programs are supported by the European Union (EU), the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Agency for Labour – BA) the state of Baden-Württemberg and the employer association Südwestmetall.

    Lorettostr. 2, 79100 Freiburg - GERMANY

  • Goiztiri

    Goiztiri, SPAIN

    The GOIZTIRI Association was launched in 1992 in Barakaldo (Basque Countri, Spain) as a platform bringing together various initiatives improving the quality of life for people in a variety of social and working sectors. Goiztiri is a non-profit making organization with people involved in social transformation. Goiztiri prepares and carry out projects providing effective and efficient services that make the possibilities of development visible with the participation of the whole social community to which it belong.

    The initiatives, projects and services are based on the cooperation of the people involved in them, recognizing their needs, fullfilling their expectations and taking an active part as protagonists of their own personal and social transformation. Goiztiri makes social change visible and better known by the work with other organizations. The relationships that Goiztiri establishes between their staff and those of other organizations are one of the key features marking it out from other similar organizations.

    The teamwork is another of the charactersitics, making processes of continuous improvement and innovation. Goiztiri collaborates with other institutions and organisations, both public and private, to expand the scope and effectiveness in obtaining the goals. Goiztiri learn and develop tools and resources for organization, management and participation to ensure the quality of our service and its social impact.

    La Providencia 19, 48901 Barakaldo, Bizkaia - SPAIN